Sex worker with outreach workers, Ecuador © Marcela Nievas for the Alliance
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Kenya shares advocacy skills with South Sudan NPP


A learning exchange workshop to build civil society organisations skills around engaging with policy-makers was facilitated by representatives of the Kenyan National Partnership Platform (NPP) in South Sudan, from 29 June to 1 July 2011. It involved 25 participants from civil society organizations in South Sudan.

The workshop was facilitated by Lucy Simiyu, the NPP Kenya Coordinator (c) KANCO

Lucy Simiyu, the NPP Kenya coordinator, facilitated the workshop

These included organisations working with people living with HIV, youth, street children, and volunteer counsellors. This was the first experience sharing NPP workshop to take place in South Sudan.

National Partnership Platforms are national alliances of civil society organisations, which come together to share information, ideas and strategies as a way to more effectively respond to HIV, TB and broader health issues.

In many cases civil society lacks the tools to engage meaningfully with policy-makers. The NPP initiative sets out to address this issue by creating a space at the national level for genuine collaboration of civil society organisations and constructive dialogue between civil society and government bodies. These platforms also serve as hubs for unified advocacy activities and campaigns.

The training is a great example of the regional knowledge sharing and skills building which the Alliance supports.

The workshop focused on creating further understanding on the NPP framework, developing a common advocacy agenda, resource mobilisation and monitoring and evaluation in policy and advocacy.

The participants got the opportunity to build their knowledge of the NPP model. They also got to learn and share experiences from across countries and also strengthen partnerships among civil society organisations in South Sudan.

The workshop was facilitated by Lucy Simiyu, the NPP Kenya Coordinator. Ms. Simiyu discussed the challenges facing civil society organizations as participants took part in interactive discussions on possible solutions.

The participants actively contributed in developing a sustainable strategy for NPP South Sudan with their experience and knowledge of the NPP programme and ideas on strengthening regional learning experiences.